Product Info: Gives Wholesome Probiotics is a potent formula and is one of the most reputable companies out there with 24/7 customer support and 90 days refund policy.  Wholesome Probiotics has 51 billion live cultures, 18 robust and clinically studied strains, NutraFlora prebiotic fiber, with no synthetic fillers or additives and vegan friendly.

Wholesome Probiotics is one of the few doctor formulated probiotics on the market with DRcaps™ delivery system to help protect your ingredients from stomach acid. It does NOT require refrigeration and has 2 years shelf life (most other brands have 1 year or less).

Gives Wholesome Probiotics is a perfect immunity system boosters. Consistent consumption of probiotics enhances your natural immunity against infectious diseases. High quality probiotics can also reduce inflammation and help speed up recovery. 

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Gives Wholesome Probiotics Benefits:

– Promotes a balanced gut microbiome
– Encourages normal digestive functioning
– Stimulates healthy immune response
  • 51 Billion live cultures per serving.
  • 18 robust and diverse strains.
  • Formulated in DR® capsules which are delayed veggie capsules designed to get the probiotics through the stomach acid, and into the small intestine; where they are most beneficial.
  • Contains NutraFlora® FOS, a prebiotic fiber that supports the growth and survival of good bacteria in the gut.
  • Vegan, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Preservative Free
  • Contains soil-based probiotics
  • Shelf-stable for 2 years so there is no need for refrigeration

The quality of this formula has been confirmed using a third-party independent laboratory that ensures its label accuracy, high quality and consistency of each batch.

The Result: We tested over 100+ brands of probiotic pills in the market in house. We did extensive research on top brands, examined consumer’s reviews and surveyed over 11,571 customers.

Recent Testimonial from a very happy customer:

“This formula has changed my life and I don’t even exaggerate. I have IBS and constipation every day, and it’s been getting worst year after year. I have been under the care of a gastroenterologist for years. I have tried every remedy and multiple brands of probiotics. Wholesome Probiotics is my miracle. I’ve been taking it for 2 weeks and I have a normal functioning gut. Completely normal which I had not had EVER! It’s worth any price, at least to me. I tried lower dosages and cheaper brands and they did not work. If you’ve been searching forever, do yourself a favor and give this a try.” – Richard I. Owens

“It’s been 2 weeks and I already feel the benefits of having my gut in check. My gastro recommended these after having issue from doing some weightloss and my micro flora was out of balance and due to taking some medications. I was super constipated and bowel movements were irregular. also found out I can’t take anti inflammatory drugs as much. My stomach just didn’t feel “right” it was always unsettled and just an odd feeling. Within a week of starting the wholesome probiotics I noticed a change in how my stomach felt. My energy levels returned as well as focus and general mood increased as well. My doctor told me 70% of our Serotonin is store in our stomach so our stomach determines our mood. Makes sense now. Definitely recommend these to help balance out the good bacteria and overall gut health.” – Pearl Garcia

“Literally the best thing you can get for your body! I was having bad stomach problems and it vanished after two days of taking these regularly. Keep in mind that if you are putting junk into your body, you need good bacteria in your gut. It’s crucial, roughly 80% of your immune system originates from your digestive tract. This WILL help you get your health back in order.” – Everett C. Beaudoin

“I didn’t know there was much of a difference between probiotics until I did some research. After realizing the ones I had been getting were probably not doing anything for me, I wanted to invest in a better option. Wholesome Probiotics checked all the boxes and was still really affordable! I’ve been taking them for about a week now and I can tell a difference! The first few days I didn’t feel too great but realized it was because this probiotic was actually doing something for me and rebalancing my gut. Now I feel less bloated and all around healthier. I will definitely be getting more!” – Julie G. Perez

“Had my gal-bladder removed and was suffering from digestive issues every time I ate no matter when or what it was. If you had your gallbladder removed and have been suffering, I can’t describe these pro-biotics as anything short of a miracle. If you take one with a meal it’s nearly instantaneous results which is incredible. As long as I take one capsule a day I don’t have to worry about having to make 15+ trips to the bathroom after eating. The relief I have from taking these is bar-none and the fact that I can trust that I’m not going to evacuate my bowels every time I eat a snack can’t be put into words. If you had your gallbladder removed and have been suffering, try these out. (I started off taking two a day but that was overkill. I ended up taking one a day with a meal. However, if I was say going to be in the car driving for say 5 hours I would take two before leaving even on an empty stomach for peace of mind. They haven’t failed me yet.)” – Gladys J. Henshaw

How Do I Take Wholesome Probiotics? There are 30 capsules in each bottle. It is recommended to take 1 capsule per day 20-30 minutes before your meal with a full glass of water.

Are There Any Side Effects? There are no reported side effects associated with taking Wholesome Probiotics.

Does Probiotics Interfere With My Prescription Medication? It is always best to discuss with your doctor if you have questions about your medication; make sure to only take high quality probiotics such as Wholesome Probiotics, which has no reported interference with most medications.

What If I Don’t See Results After Taking Wholesome Probiotics? All purchases from Gives Health are backed by 90 Days 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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There are numerous scientific papers on the benefits of probiotics. We have compiled some of the literature for your convenience.